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Repertoire for semi-final and final stages of the competition (playing from memory is compulsory)
A complete performance of one of the following works: 

    Bach Concerto No 1 in D minor BWV 1052
    Bach Concerto No 5 in F minor BWV 1056
    Beethoven No 1 in C major Op 15
    Beethoven No 2 in B flat major Op 19
    Beethoven No 3 in C minor Op 37
    Beethoven No 4 in G major Op 58
    Beethoven No 5 in E flat major Op 73
    Chopin No 1 in E minor Op 11
    Chopin No 2 in F minor Op 21
    Greig Concerto in A minor Op 16
    Haydn Concerto in D no 11 Hob XV111/11
    Kabalevsky Concerto no. 3
    Liszt No 1 in E flat major
    Liszt No 2 in A major
    Liszt Totentanz
    Mendelssohn No 1 in G minor Op 25
    Mendelssohn No 2 in D minor Op 40
    Mozart  No. 5 in D major, K. 175
    Mozart No. 6 in B-flat major, K. 238
    Mozart No. 8 in C major, K. 246
    Mozart No. 9 in E-flat major, K. 271
    Mozart No. 11 in F major, K. 413/387a
    Mozart No. 12 in A major, K. 414/385p
    Mozart No. 13 in C major, K. 415/387b
    Mozart No. 14 in E-flat major, K. 449
    Mozart No. 15 in B-flat major, K. 450
    Mozart No. 16 in D major, K. 451
    Mozart No. 17 in G major, K. 453
    Mozart No. 18 in B-flat major, K. 456
    Mozart No. 19 in F major, K. 459
    Mozart No. 20 in D minor, K. 466
    Mozart No. 21 in C major, K. 467
    Mozart No. 22 in E-flat major, K. 482
    Mozart No. 23 in A major, K. 488
    Mozart No. 24 in C minor, K. 491
    Mozart No. 25 in C major, K. 503
    Mozart No. 26 in D major, K. 537
    Mozart No. 27 in B-flat major, K. 595
    Rachmaninov Concerto no. 2 in C minor
    Saint-Saens Concerto no. 2 in G minor
    Schumann Concerto in A minor Op 54
    Shostakovich Concerto no. 2 in F
    Tchaikovsky Concerto no. 1 in Bb minor